Ethical Production

- Why We Care -

Since we started working on our first cuts, we knew that we did not want our work to be manufactured in bad conditions. 

All of us are convinced that bad labor ethics is bad for the people, bad for the planet, and also bad for our own self-esteem. It's also a mark of respect to who is going to wear each piece.

All our garments are all made by professionals in Istanbul (Turkey).

- How We Care -

We personally visited every factory and workshop working with us and carefully selected our suppliers on criteria including environmental issues (for the planet, and for the employees, workers). What we found is that better conditions for the workers are directly correlated with better product quality. It’s a win-win!

Our fabric producers use knowledge and experience they have gathered during decades while producing for some of the most demanding luxury brands. They deliberately use old fashioned machinery that they carefully look after, producing higher-quality weaves.

Almost every time, a person from the team is present next to the workers during each production process. We believe that if we wouldn’t want ourselves to spend the time and pay the attention we expect during the production process, there is no reason that we would let anyone else do it.

But that is not everything: for our next lines, we would like to go further and our cotton to be Organic.

- Why You Should Go To Istanbul -

Istanbul is one of the greatest cities in the world. Having been the capital city of several empires, its cultural heritage is on par with cities like Paris or London. Despite some recent unfortunate troubles, the safety level is very high, and the people extremely friendly. You will find refined fresh Mediterranean food, a mix of radically different cultures that live together in harmony, and a dynamic modern city that has no shame to show-off the result of its economic growth.

The view from our favorite rooftop, in the neighborhood of Beyoğlu.





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